Are You Connected?: 25 Keys to Live, Grow and Succeed with Self and Others

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The basic principle of life is: The better connected you are to yourself, the better connected you will be to the world around you and the better your life will be

In this book, Venugopal Acharya, a practising monk for the past nineteen years, shares the different skills and experiences that help one feel loved and in touch with one’s self, the people who matter and God.

Highlighting the need to delve deeper into the meaning and purpose of life, the author offers tools to achieve peace of mind, which will enable us to live in harmony with our true selves. Written in a simple, anecdotal style, this book will improve our relationships with friends, family and colleagues. The book emphasizes on sharing mutual success and growing with care and compassion. Are You Connected? is a mantra to a life of success and happiness.

Are You Connected? is a mantra to a life of happiness.


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