C# Programming In Easy Steps (2005 Ed.)

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Learn to program with Microsoft’s premier programming language. No previous programming knowledge is assumed. With numerous easy-to-follow examples, this title explains the essentials of object-oriented programming with C# and how to build both Windows and web applications using the designers and tools in Visual Studio or the standalone Visual C# product.This title puts the emphasis on learning by doing, and even novices will have simple programs running after just a few pages. The early chapters explain how to build form-based applications with an explanation of key Windows controls such as buttons, listboxes, tabs and dialogs. Next comes an explanation of the C# language, covering statements, operators, variables and data types, and how to interpret all those semi-colons and curly brackets. There’s a complete chapter on the essentials of object orientation. With the fundamentals in place, the reader is taken through creating menus, simple database programming, web-based applications using ASP.Net, and tips for writing robust and high-performance code.

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