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Thermal Engineering

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The branch of engineering which deals with heating and cooling processes, equipments, or enclosed environments is called Thermal Engineering. It is used in Cooling of computer chips; Boiler design; Solar heating; design of combustion engines, and many other such things. Fundamentals used under the subject are Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Mass transfer and Fluid mechanics

Contents of the book comprise topics like Kinetic Theory of Gases and Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics; First Law of Thermodynamics; Properties of Pure Substances; Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy; Thermodynamic Relations; Availability and Irreversibility; Ideal and Real Gases; Psychometrics; Gases and Vapour Mixtures; Fuels and Combustion; Boiler Mountings and Accessories; Steam Generators; Draught; Basic Steam Power Cycles; Performance of Steam Generators; Reciprocating Steam Engine; Steam Nozzles; Compound Steam Engines; Steam Turbines; Gas Power Cycles; Steam Condensers; Variable Specific Heat; Air Compressors; Internal Combustion Engines; Gas Refrigeration; Air-Conditioning; Turbines and Jet Propulsion; Heat Transfer, and Non-Conventional Power Generation.

Thermal Engineering is an exhaustive compilation of detailed information under each of the topics, in simple language. The book also contains model question papers with objective type questions. The diagrams and charts given along with various chapters facilitate a better understanding of the subject. The exercises given along with the chapters carry objective type questions, theoretical questions, and even unsolved examples from different competitive exams like the UPSC and GATE. Thermal Engineering was published by Laxmi Publishers as ninth edition in 2013. The book is available in paperback.

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